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Our Story

K-Trio Consultancy is a coaching and mentoring service for small businesses accredited by the IC ( Institute of Consulting), specialising in startups and growth strategies for small business.

Our vast extensive experience gained within both the public sector (including the NHS) and another private sector gives us a competitive advantage within the small business market.

Other successful projects comprise of startups businesses within the healthcare sector and developing small business growth in all sectors.

Our competitive advantage is our highly experienced staff who work on a tight deadline to deliver extensive results. K-trio Consultancy vision is the success of the small business through its continuous support and to break the barriers within the small business world!

Meet the Team

Angie Khupie

Angie Khupe

Managing Consultant

Angie Khupe is a Healthcare Business Consultant with 25 years of experience in both the public and private sector. Whilst displaying a versatile and extensive knowledge of various businesses, her speciality lies within healthcare business, providing expertise in Social and Healthcare Sector business models for startups and business growth.

Angie is also the founder and managing director for Women in Healthcare (UK). A networking group for women in the healthcare sector where we enrich and empower our members through various programs. Including tackling challenges affecting affecting healthcare professionals in the workplace. in particularly mental health, bullying in workforce and personal development. 


Shahnawaz Assad

Shahnawaz Assad

Shahnawaz Assad is our business development intern pursuing an MBA with an emphasis on marketing and strategy along with working experience in a high street real estate firm. This self-driven individual has a passion for healthcare and an eye for assessing weaknesses. He recommends our clients with innovative ideas that not only help them overcome their problems but also find a reliable business partner for facing any future challenges.